Free Web Hosting For 2 Articles a Month

Free web hosting

For the new blogers I was thinking to offer free hosting for an blog or an site for 2 articles off 700-800 words a month. The offer is for the new blogger that want to have an self hosted blog and doesn’t want or have money/knowledge to host their own sites.

I  have an couple off sites like this one where I need fresh articles month by month, the sites are:

Hosting Details

Below is what you will get for the 2 articles an month:

  • 500 MB space on the server
  • MYSQL database
  • Email address
  • Access to virtualmin (like cpanel  is open source hosting solution) to administrate your account
  • FTP access
  • etc

The sites will be hosted on my server, I have an VPS server from DROPBOX configured with the latest technologies which is very fast, more can be seen here:

You will have access to everything just like on an cPanel account, the 500MB is more then enough for an starting blog. The server is hosted in US ( New York).

An extra plus would be that I will help you all the way to have your website online with WordPress installed.

If you are not an expert on hosting just know this: The server is very fast and secured and other hosting services with this speed are costing at least 20$ a month.

The uptime would be more then 99%.



Your Responsability

In exchange for the free hosting I would need 2 articles off 700-800 words to be written an month, the articles have to have:

  • be original and not copied
  • the english has to be off good quality
  • they have to have images and be well structures.

For the hosting account you will need to be careful with what you install to not be hacked or create problems for the other sites.

I don’t want porn, torrent sites to be hosted here, I will accept only blogging sites.


In case you are new to blogging  and don’t know that much about WordPress I can help you set up the needed plugins for WordPress and  optimize your site for performance. Also you can request an advice when you want.

For this help I will need an extra article to be written per month.


Please use the contact form for details: Contact

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