Goal to Earn 700$ for Buying a QNAP TS-253A


For some time I want to buy a NAS so I can store my media files and create some virtual machines. I don’t want just some simple NAS I want a good nice with a good speed and possibility to have virtual machines running on it. I have my eyes on the perfect NAS for some time which has all the features that I need.

The one that I like is [easyazon_link identifier=”B017YB9HCE” locale=”US” tag=”bido08-20″]QNAP TS-253A[/easyazon_link] it has all the features that I need and plus it has 2 HDMI and it can run 4K directly. Such functionalities are not that cheap and I need around 700 $ to buy one with 2 disks. I was thinking to be more productive to set a goal and have it buy one when I raise the money from the online earnings ( other the Amazon affiliates).

The target is to raise the money from different sources like eToro and other affiliates site that are out there. I have already a couple of site in my portfolio that I can utilize to earn and some of the affiliate accounts have money in them just that I haven’t reached the withdraw target.

 – current status –

  • Adsense – 60$
  • Themeforest – 47$
  • eToro – 94$ – This I can’t withdraw as I need them to earn more money
  • elegant theme – 19.50$

I would want to use the sites that I have to earn some commission money to be able to get the [easyazon_link identifier=”B017YB9HCE” locale=”US” tag=”bido08-20″]QNAP TS-253A[/easyazon_link] bought.

The goal would be reached when the money would be in my paypal account or in my bank account.

– next 2 weeks goals –

Until the month would end I am planning to start and see if I can add some additional revenue, so below is the plan:

  •  eToro – use eToro to buy some stocks and hopefully I will manage to have 150$ in the account until month ends
  • techdoze.net – the site is about technology but I haven’t been able to write that much lately this would change and I will publish some article to different affiliate sites from where I can get additional money
  • wpdoze.com – planning to write some tutorials and additional top products articles
  • bitdoze.org – also to promote some products here to see if I can have some additional money.

There is no money goal set for the next 2 weeks as is not that easy to earn money that fast but hopefully the Adsense earning would increase and maybe I can have some affiliate sales.

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