Google New Site Check Tool!

Google has released a beta tool that is checking the site performance and SEO and is making some recommendations. It is an interesting tool from what I have seen and is offering some interesting details. I have run it on my sites and I have seen that things are not so good 🙂


The tool is offering some important details of what my site is doing and why is slow. Upon checking I have seen that the most problems is caused by Facebook widget, which I don’t like:

The tool is in beta tests and it can be found at Just start using it and see how is doing on your site. I have started with resolving some recommendations and I will tell how it goes in a future post.


How Google site is doing while checking with his own tool?

I have thought that it would be interesting to see how Google site is doing with the tool that they have build and the situation is not looking good:


As you can see not even Google is doing that well 🙂

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