How to Get Google to Index Your New Blog Content Quickly

When I write a new article I want that the article to appear in Google as fast as possible to be ranked and received traffic. Sometimes Google is not indexing your content fast enough and it can take days for the new articles to be on Google. I have read different articles on the internet about how I can have this done but none offered the exact solution. In this article, I would present you the exact steps to be followed to have the articles index in Google straight away with no bullshit. This also can be done with a website.

Steps to index the new  blog content in Google Immediately

 1. Set Up A Google Webmaster Tools/Search Console Account

Google Search Console is needed if you want to have the new articles indexed in Google fast. A tool from webmaster /Search console is needed to have the new article indexed. So in case, you don’t have the account set up and the site added to Google Search Console this would be the first step. Just create the account and add the site in the console with the xml site maps.

2. Have the new article indexed in Google straight way

You have the search console account created the site is added and now what? You can go and submit the new article to the social media account and other social media platform but this would not guaranty that your new article would be picked up by Google straight away. To have the article indexed you need to use the tool Fetch as Google and make the request so that the new article to be indexed. I have made a tutorial below with an article just written on another site of mine

– Check to see if the link is indexed in google, to do this you need to put in google the site:<url>

as you can see above the new article is not index in Google, next steps let’s add it.

-Open fetch as Google :

-Add the new link and hit fetch, in my case shell-script-start-mysql-server-not-already-running/ After fetch is hit the link would appear  below with a new button request index:


-You hit the Request indexing and in next window: 


The above steps would help you have the new articles index in Google in couple of minutes. The process is not hard and can be done by anyone.


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