Income Report March 2016

Income report march

A new month has passed and again come the time to see how things went in the previous month. After a long period off not writhing articles I have started again posting articles on my 2 favourite blogs and this one. This month I have also started an case study with the effect that the HTTPS is having over the SEO, you can read all about here: SEO POWER OFF HTTPS AND HTTP2- PART 1, it’s to soon to have any conclusions yet, Google just indexed an couple off pages yet as HTTPS, I will come back at the middle off this month with more details.

Traffic Stats:

Just the first month off the new site, the traffic is not impressive but I hope it would continue to grow in the future with posting off new articles and interesting resources.

march traffic status


The first month has brought around 200 visits ( which the most are mine) is not at very bad metric but not good also. I will try posting 5 articles this month with useful informations and do some social media promotion to see if the number would increase.

Income Report

The income has increased since last month ( maybe because there are more days in March 🙂 ) but not my best month since I am doing online activities. What I am planing for the next month is to diversify the income made and add more sources.

Here is the income made with online activities:

  • DigitalOcean – 75$
  • HostGator – 50$
  • Amazon Affiliate – 420$
  • Skimlinks – 3$
  • Adsense – 8$
  • Freelance on moving website – 100$

Total: 656$ (+178$)


Over an all this was not an bad month at all. I have managed to make an decent income with my blogs and hopefully the income would continue to grow from month to month.

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