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I am trying to make money in any way I can, I know about etoro for an long time and I am an trader for that much time. I am not really an very active trader I have the account for more then 1 year but only in the last months I have started to be more active. This is not an etoro review it is an post describing how etoro has to offer and you can use it to make more or lose them online.

With eToro like with every other trading platform money can be made or money can be lost. eToro offer you the possibility to buy stocks or exchange Forex currency, another interesting feature if you are not an guru off stocks is that you can copy other traders that have more experience and have an steady growth in profits.

Below is an picture with my account, it’s verified and has transactions the profit is 62%:



I didn’t invested much, only 50$ and I have received an bonus of 100$ when I had my account validated. The bonus and the initial ammount invested where then enoug money to make 100$ in couple of days ( with  pure luck) and withdraw the 100$ to my paypal account.


What I like about eToro

  • Interface is very easy to use
  • Money can be added from paypal
  • Money can be withdrawn to paypal
  • You can start with only  50$ deposit
  • You can copy others
  • You have tips releated to the stock market
  • The community is nice
  • The marked it is versatile you have stocks, comodities and forex
  • You have various bonuses
  • It has an mobile APP

And the list can continue.

If you are not sure and you need to see more eToro it is offering the possibility to trade with an demo account you can buy stocks and see how etoro is working before you put your own money into it.

If you are wandering I didn’t get reached yet from eToro I just like that it keeps me busy and I like buying and selling stocks, who knows maybe one day it would get me rich 🙂 Below is an proof with the payment to see that they are legit. Most off the money are made only with the bonus 100$ that they give me.

With the help of the bonus I managed to make 100$ in 2 days, just lucky I guess buying some Facebook and Google shares .

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Enrol now to get 200$ in bonus when your account is validated. Click the link below to register and have the 200$.:

Register to eToro 

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