SEO Power Off HTTPS and HTTP2- Part 1

As you may already know ( or don’t know 🙂 ) one off the Google rankings factors this days is the use off an SSL certificate and running your site over HTTPS instead off HTTP. More and more blogers are moving to the HTTPS sites in hope that they will have higher rankings in GOOGLE and more search engine traffic.

Today I have thought that would be a good idea to test the effect off the HTTPS over my site. With the help off let’s encrypt I have moved one off my sites on HTTPS to see how the traffic from Google would get impacted by this change. An while back I have written the article: Setup Let’s encrypt SSL for Your Domains on Centos7 on NGINX where I have explained how a free certificate can be obtained, if you need more details just check the articles and in case clarifications are needed just drop me an comment.

This is the first article from a serie off 3-4 articles with the effects that moving to https had over Google rankings, the site has been moved today.

Current rankings for

Below is the graph with the traffic that the site is having this previous 3 months from Google:


2.915 was the visits that the site had from Google in the last 3 months the visits are ~1000 a month, so the visits are steady in the last 3 months.

Webmaster is showing the below in the last 30 days:


Here the total impression can be seen and the clicks like in Analytics still around 1000.

I am courious to see what will happen in the future and if the move to https will help in getting more visitors from Google. I have activated also http2 on the site so it would load faster then before.

The time will tell if the change would help in getting more visits from Google I will come in 2 weeks with an status update for the half off the month to see where we stand.

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